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The worst time to ask if your wiper blades are working is when the clouds are opening up. What about when a bug says goodbye at close range? How many birds have found your windshield as the perfect pit-stop? Make sure your wiper blades are equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature and road conditions throw at them by stopping by CTG Express Lube. At CTG Express Lube, safety is always the first priority. Operating your vehicle without having clear visibility is dangerous and wiper blades are an accessory vehicle owners cannot live without. Experts at CTG Express Lube can replace your wiper blades in just a few minutes with high-quality, expertly designed, Valvoline wiper blades. When it comes to choosing the best wiper blades, Valvoline wiper blades, found at CTG Express Lube, have received positive reviews.

Apart from the obvious fact that you need to know about the compatibility with your vehicle, quality is something to look for when purchasing wiper blades and CTG EXpress Lube can help. Although car wiper blades are almost never maintained, they are expected to perform at 110% every time they are turned on. There are times your windshield wipers may have to operate for hours at a time. However, over time they will crack and lose their flexibility and functionality. The most common signs that you need a new windshield wiper are: Squeaking or chattering sounds when in use, skipping motion in the wiper’s movement, reduced driving visibility, and streaking, gaps, or smears of moisture on your windshield. You should also be on the lookout for: cracks or tears on the wiper blade, detached arms on the wiper itself, ripped or detached rubber, and metal corrosion. Let the experts at CTG Express Lube replace important parts so you can get back on the road with confidence and clarity. A few minutes is all it takes to keep yourself and others safer. Normally, wiper blades should be replaced about every six months to ensure optimal performance. CTG Express Lube is here to help. In fact, the simple wiper blade is hardly simple.

There are a variety of types of blade options that offer the best performance, regardless of how extreme weather conditions might be or where the best parking spot was to avoid the birds. CTG Express Lube offers the Valvoline Aquablade, which is the ultimate wiper blade for all seasons. It is a wind and weather resistant steel frame that helps to prevent clogging in ice or snow and is streak-free visibility. The Valvoline Aquablade meets or exceeds OEM standards and the coating is BuiltGraphite that provides smooth, chatter-free operation and extends the life of the wiper blade. The Valvoline technologically advanced beam style blade delivers smooth and consistent performance. The contoured design creates an infinite number of pressure points along the blade surface, supplying the ultimate in visibility and smooth, quiet operation. The Aquablade by Valvoline, which can be found at CTG Express Lube, is available in sizes 14”-28” lengths.

Another type of wiper blade offered at CTG Express Lube is the Valvoline Surge blade. It is available in sizes from 12”-28” and meets or exceeds OEM standards. The Surge blade is a high performance blade that is designed for durability and resistance to the elements and is reliable streak and squeak free. It features high quality natural rubber, a heavy gauge all-steep frame and is fortified with layers of corrosion protection. The Surge Blade is built to withstand the most extreme conditions. Valvoline Surge Blades can also be used in over-the-road, heavy duty applications, as well.

No extra connector is required for installation of Valvoline Rear blades. At CTG Express Lube, all 11 SKU rear integral blade applications can be found. The Valvoline Rear Blade is a conventional rear wiper blade that is designed for OE fit and durability. It is built to provide much needed visibility in harsh driving conditions such as snow and heavy rain. Valvoline Rear Blades feature a high density rubber blade with a strong frame that meets or exceeds OEM replacement quality. It has a reliable streak- and squeak-free wipe and it is available in sizes 11”-16”.

Valvoline Wipers are warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects in material, workmanship or design when used in accordance to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Prevent problems before they start by dropping by CTG Express Lube to have your wipers checked and replaced. You do not want to be in the middle of a storm before you realize you need to change your wiper blades.


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