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Valvoline Oil change services for CTG Express Lube.

CTG Express Lube - Good Oil Change

Maintaining your engine is essential to prolonging the life of your vehicle. CTG Express focuses on providing the most optimal care for your car, SUV, pick-up, or even Diesel truck. Getting your oil changed consistently and as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer will prevent costly repairs for your engine in the future. On a budget? CTG Express Lube provides the well-known “Good Oil Change” to those who need maintenance but can only do the bare minimum. Even while using the best that Valvoline has to offer, you can rest assured that giving your vehicle the Good Oil Change is the best way to maintain your vehicle while saving money.

CTG Express will ensure that with the Good Oil Change service your vehicle will receive proper care and maintenance. Even though the Good Oil Change service is the basic maintenance package that CTG Express offers, your vehicle will still receive proper care while being serviced along with quality products. With the Good Oil Change service your vehicle will be serviced with Valvoline Daily Protection conventional oil and a Valvoline oil filter. CTG Express will ensure that every product used in the Good Oil Change service is matched perfectly with what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for maintenance.

The Good Oil Change service provided by CTG Express Lube is a quick, but thorough, process. The Good Oil Change service only takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. You can wait in the waiting area or drop your vehicle off and pick it up later. The technicians at CTG Express have a detailed protocol to ensure the safety of your vehicle while it’s in their hands. From carefully driving your vehicle into the shop for you to ensuring your vehicle’s drain plug doesn’t leak you can rest assured that your vehicle will be cared for by the CTG Express technicians. Even the Good Oil Change service implements the extra care for your vehicle. When the services are completed the technicians will double-check all of the work performed and assist one another to ensure that your vehicle has been properly serviced.

The oil that is used for the Good Oil Change service is top-grade Valvoline Daily Protection Motor Oil. This oil is proactive in keeping your engine clean and prevents deposit formations. It uses a process called solid oxidation control that resists oil thickening. When the engine has minimal deposit formations and has thinner oil coursing through it, you may even notice an increase in your gas mileage. The Valvoline Daily Protection Motor Oil used in the Good Oil Change service also exceeds wear tests that have assessed wear protection in gasoline engines.

During the Good Oil Change service the technicians at CTG Express Lube perform a systematic maintenance service to ensure that your vehicle gets the proper care. The old oil in your vehicle will be drained and inspected for any discoloration or debris. The drain plug will be checked as well to ensure that it will plug the oil pan properly again. When the technician replaces your oil filter, the o-ring will be inspected for any defects to prevent an oil leak. When the new oil is poured into your vehicle it will be double-checked to ensure that it is at the proper level. When the Good Oil Change service is complete your vehicle will be pulled out of the shop for you. You can trust the technicians to be cautious and to return your vehicle to you in the same condition as when you brought it.

The Good Change Oil service is the ideal maintenance service to request to save money and still receive quality work on your vehicle. CTG Express Lube believes that even if a customer can only afford the Good Oil Change service they still deserve to receive quality service and products.


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