Diesel Oil Change


Diesel Oil Change Service with blue Valvoline oil.

CTG Express Lube - Diesel Oil Change

CTG Express has the ability to perform Diesel Oil Change services along with the rest of the oil services. Whether you have a diesel pick-up or a small diesel-powered car, CTG Express can fulfill your needs for maintenance on your vehicle. The staff can also educate you on proper Diesel Oil Change services and intervals so that you can keep your maintenance up to date. CTG Express will ensure that your diesel vehicle is taken care of while receiving its Diesel Oil Change.

Your vehicle requires a specific type of oil for its diesel engine. The CTG Express team will be prepared to have exactly what your vehicle needs to perform the Diesel Oil Change. CTG Express carries quality Valvoline oil for diesel engines, and even synthetic oil. The staff will verify that the correct and proper oil is used in your diesel vehicle during the Diesel Oil Change. Your mind will be at ease knowing that your diesel vehicle will be properly cared for.  

When you bring your vehicle to CTG Express for a Diesel Oil Change service, the staff will inform you on what your vehicle needs according to its maintenance schedule. The Diesel Oil Change will take 30-45 minutes and you will be welcome to wait at the shop or drop off your vehicle and come back when it is convenient for you. The technician will use caution when driving your vehicle into the bay. During the Diesel Oil Change, the technician will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for anything else it may need. All of the work performed on your vehicle will be double-checked for quality service before it is returned back to you. The CTG Staff will ensure that your vehicle will be in the same condition as when you brought it in as well.

Diesel engines vary depending on what type of diesel oil they require. CTG Express can provide your vehicle with conventional or synthetic diesel oil for your Diesel Oil Change. If your vehicle requires diesel conventional oil, CTG Express can provide it with Valvoline Premium Blue engine oil. This oil provides protection against oxidation and deposit build-up. It also protects against wear and can prolong the life of your diesel engine. If you need synthetic diesel oil for your vehicle, CTG Express can provide Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Synthetic engine oil. This synthetic oil can increase gas mileage and also provide protection against deposits in your engine. CTG Express will ensure that your vehicle gets the proper oil for your Diesel Oil Change.

The staff at CTG Express are experts when it comes to recommending maintenance for your diesel vehicle. They have access to the scheduled maintenance plan for every diesel vehicle that is recommended by the manufacturer. Your vehicle may require a DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) service as well. If that’s the case, the CTG Express team will recommend that service to you with pricing of the exact product your diesel vehicle needs. The diesel exhaust fluid service can also be performed while you are getting your Diesel Oil Change.

The Diesel Oil Change service is the perfect service provided by CTG Express for those who drive diesel cars and trucks. You will not have to stress about maintenance knowing that your diesel vehicle is in great hands. The Diesel Oil Change Service is one of the most important maintenance services to perform on your vehicle, so trust the staff at CTG Express with maintaining your diesel car or truck. CTG Express ensures to use the proper care while performing the Diesel Oil Change service on your diesel vehicle.


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