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CTG founded on trust in the Lord.

Shaping our future though serving the needs of the community.

CTG Express was founded on dedication, fortitude, and trust in the Lord. The two founding fathers, brothers Robert Echols and C.T. Echols III, had the vision of establishing one of the top Valvoline stores in the nation. C.T. saw the need to acquire James Teague in order to achieve their mission. James had worked with C.T. previously as a mechanic at another automotive shop. C.T. knew that he could trust James to be a leader of men, a leader who would pass on a flame of knowledge to others. He approached James in their oil room one day and asked him if Amarillo, TX was his home, to which James replied that his home is wherever he is needed. C.T. passed the torch that was handed to him by his brother over to James to build the empire of CTG Express in Pecos, TX. James considered this as an opportunity of a lifetime. He was honored to join Robert and C.T. and he promptly embraced the vision brought by God for CTG Express.


Where excellence knows no bounds.

James CTG Operations Manager.

James Teague

CTG Operations Manager



CTG Pecos Manager

Kalvin CTG FT Stockton Manger portrait for CTG Express Lube.

Kalvin Hernandez

CTG FT Stockton Manager