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CTG Express Lube in Pecos, Texas, provides exclusive oil change promotions and specials for their customers online at www.ctg expresslube.com. These promotions often come in the form of coupons or special deals that are accessible via their website or other online platforms. To take advantage of these offers, customers will need to sign up online and will be required to present the coupon or special deal to a CTG Express Lube technician at the time of service.

How customers can make use of these online promotions:

Visit the CTG Express Lube Website

  • Customers can navigate to the CTG Express Lube website to browse current oil change promotions and specials. These promotions may be prominently featured on the homepage or listed under the dedicated section for TG Oil Promotions with offers and discounts.

Sign Up Online

  • In order to access the exclusive oil change promotions, customers will need to sign up for an account or join a mailing list on the CTG Express Lube website. This allows them to receive notifications about upcoming deals and discounts via email. Come by CTG Express Lube in Pecos, Texas for more details on how to sign up.

Browse Available Coupons and Specials

  • Once you are signed up, customers can explore the available coupons and specials offered by CTG Express Lube in Pecos, Texas. These may include discounted oil change packages, special pricing on additional services, or seasonal promotions.

Presenting the Coupon

  • When visiting a CTG Express Lube location in Pecos or Fort Stockton, Texas for an oil change or other automotive service, customers should present the coupon or special deal to the technician. This ensures that they receive the advertised discount or promotion as part of their service.

Enjoy Savings On Oil Changes

  • By taking advantage of these exclusive online promotions, customers can enjoy savings on their oil changes and other automotive services at CTG Express Lube in Pecos, Texas or Fort Stockton, Texas. Whether it's a discounted oil change or a bundled service package, these promotions provide an opportunity for customers to save money while maintaining their vehicles.


Overall, CTG Express Lube's online oil change promotions and specials offer a convenient way for customers to access discounts and savings on automotive services., and who doesn’t appreciate savings? By signing up online and presenting the coupons or deals to a CTG Express Lube technician, customers can make the most of these exclusive offers and keep their vehicles running smoothly at an affordable price. Call or come by CTG Express Lube in Pecos to Fort Stockton to find out more about promotional coupons for products and services.