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Every driver knows that oil changes are the most common and simple form of automotive maintenance. At CTG Express Lube, they know that preventative maintenance keeps your pick-up running efficiently. At CTG Express Lube you can get an oil change, and change your oil filter, every five months or 5, 000 miles to keep your engine running smoothly and prevent engine damage. Highly trained and certified professionals at CTG Express Lube have a wide variety of experience with all makes and models of pick-ups and can help find a solution for any vehicle issues you may have. Changing your oil regularly at CTG Express Lube is a tried and true method of stretching your pick-ups' useful lifespan to be as long as possible, and protecting your investment and helping your budget. The staff at CTG Express Lube is focused on providing you with a pleasant experience when caring for your pick-up during an oil change. CTG Express Lube professionals know getting the right service for your vehicle means using the best oil and lube products. That’s why they use Valvoline products.

    Motor vehicle guides recommend that a pick-up gets an oil change every 7,500 miles if the vehicle is 2008 or newer. If your pick-up is 2007 or earlier, you should have your oil changed every 5,000 miles. These recommendations are if you drive under normal driving conditions. If you have less-than-typical driving trips that include cold driving conditions, extreme heat/humidity, repeated short trips of less than 5 miles, excessive towing, extensive idling, or driving off-road in your pick-up, you should change your oil every 5,000 miles if it is a 2008 or newer or every 3,000 miles if your vehicle is a 2007 or older model.

    Oil is essential for your pick-up to function properly. Your engine is made of several moving parts that constantly rub against each other. After a while, this leads them to heat up and create friction. Oil acts as a lubricant for these metal parts and helps them to function properly without causing friction because oil was designed to disperse heat. It seals gaps to keep contamination from water and un-burned fuel to a minimum and protects your engine by keeping dirt and contaminants from collecting. It also prevents corrosion from moisture or acids that may find their way into your engine. When oil additives have been depleted sludge and bad substances form and settle on engine parts or clog oil passages. The anti-wear agents in motor oil react with metal surfaces to form a protective coating and help to protect and maintain moving parts.

    Oil goes into your engine with a golden brown color. The experts at CTG Express Lube know that it is time to have an oil change when it looks black and sludge and sometimes causes a burning smell. CTG Express Lube carries synthetic oil and conventional oil and the professionals will help you determine which one is needed. Synthetic oil can help provide longer engine life in your pickup. Conventional oil is less expensive but breaks down quicker and requires more frequent changes and is highly recommended for older vehicles with higher mileage. The technicians at CTG Express Lube will not only ensure your engine leaves with clean oil cycling through your pick-up but also inspect other critical parts of your vehicle. During an oil change at CTG Express Lube, the mechanics will top off the other fluids in your pick-up, lubricate the chassis, rotate your tires upon request, and check the tire pressure and add air if needed.

  If you are looking for an oil change for your pick-up, trust the experts at CTG Express Lube.


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