Automatic Transmission Service

Getting a transmission service at CTG Express Lube using Valvoline products will keep your vehicle shifting smoothly, minimize the risk of transmission failure, and prevent expensive repairs.

Full Service Oil Change

Much like the human body, your vehicle needs to be maintained to stay running at optimal levels. CTG Express Lube can help. Getting a transmission service at CTG Express Lube using Valvoline products will keep your vehicle shifting smoothly, minimize the risk of transmission failure, and prevent expensive repairs. At CTG Express Lube, an auto mechanic expert can tell you that your car needs service and explain things clearly about what needs to be done in terms customers will understand. CTG Express Lube knows that you need your car to run smoothly and efficiently. Transmission service is a term that can cover a number of different actions and checks to make sure your vehicle is running at optimal levels. These checks and actions are very important to ensure a long life for your transmission and CTG Express Lube is there for the long haul of your vehicle. Just like getting a regular check-up at the doctor to stay healthy,

CTG Express Lube can help by using Valvoline products that offer a full range of engine lubricants and cleaners to help keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Most manufacturers recommend replacing transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Here’s why. Your automatic transmission has a lot of moving parts. Buildup of deposits in fluid can cause debris resulting in overheating, delayed shifting and transmission failure. Keeping your gears shifting smoothly with Valvoline products is CTG Express Lube desire. Your vehicle is equipped with a filter to remove dirt and debris as transmission fluid circulates through the system. Over time, this filter becomes dirty and will decrease the performance of your vehicle. The experts at CTG Express Lube start by removing the transmission pan and replacing the old filter with a new one.

Then they will replace the gasket material before reinstalling the transmission pan. CTG Express Lube specialists will then finish everything up by ensuring your vehicle system is filled with new transmission fluid.

Luckily, transmission failure does not usually happen without warning. If your vehicle is exhibiting any of the following transmission symptoms, get it checked out at CTG Express Lube. Ignoring these symptoms could cost you in the long run.

Weird smells-if you notice a burning smell, it is a sure sign something is not right. As transmission fluid runs low or degrades, it overheats and starts to burn. This makes your engine run hot, which contributes to early wear, excess debris, and corrosion. It could also mean trapped plastic, dripping antifreeze or a melting heater core. Check out a burning smell, no matter the cause at CTG Express Lube.

Strange sounds-don’t pass off abrupt changes in your driving soundtrack. Humming, whining, clunking noises that seem to come out of nowhere are signs of automatic transmission problems. Have the experts at CTG Express Lube take a listen.

Noisiness-excess noise and a bumping sound when your vehicle is in neutral is an indication that your bearings or gear teeth may need to be replaced or that fluid may be low. CTG Express Lube has the right products to stop the noise.

Shaking-normal transmissions shift smoothly, often without notice. If your vehicle gets the shakes during gear shifts, something is wrong. CTG EXpress Lube can check your gears and adjust or replace them for a smoother ride down the highway.

Gears-if your vehicle is slipping gears or flat out refuses to go into gear, it is dangerous for you and damaging to your vehicle. This is often a fluids issue and can be solved by having an expert at CTG Express Lube take a look.

Check Engine Light-though many drivers ignore the blinking red light, there are times to take it seriously. It is alerting you to a problem. Diagnostic exams at CTG Express Lube can detect the problem and help you with a solution.

Fluid Leak-there are 6 main fluids in your vehicle. They lubricate, cool, and help you steer, brake, and clear your windshield. If you do not replace them fast enough when they start to leak or break down, your engine can’t work properly. At CTG Express Lube, these problems can be solved.

A complete transmission service is the most comprehensive form of preventative transmission maintenance offered. Not only will the professionals at CTG Express Lube replace transmission fluid and filter, but they will also check various components to make sure everything is in good working order and advise you if your transmission shows excessive wear serious enough to be of concern. Don’t wait until it’s too late.